Episode 8: Iraq + 100

April 23, 2019

Rudi Dornemann talks to Anoud about her short story "Kahramana" in the anthology Iraq + 100 (download from iTunes or Soundcloud)


Anoud is the pseudonym of an Iraqi-born author. 


Iraq + 100 collects stories by Iraqi authors all set  a century after the American- and British led invasion. The Atlantic said of the anthology, "Dazzling and disorienting, these stories are not just reflections of turmoil, but also yearnings for peace and a connection with Iraq’s past grandeur."


Comma Press publisher and editor Ra Page tells us how the anthology came to be. (A US  edition of Iraq + 100 was published by Tor Books.) 


Anna Simpson, a futurist and writer, describes what interested her about Iraq + 100.

Our music is by Cathode Ray Tube


This episode was edited and mastered by the Portland Pod Maine's first commercial podcasting studio.



Anoud and Ra both mentioned Banthology, which contains another of Anoud's stories.

Ra talked about the forthcoming Palestine + 100 anthology.

And if you were curious about the sustainable futures performance piece/agribusiness conference opener that Anna talked about, there's a video.




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