Episode 5: Seed

May 5, 2018

Linda Mannheim talks to Joanna Walsh about Seed, her Saboteur Award shortlisted novella (download from iTunes or Soundcloud)

Seed uses a new format, a digital space that readers access and explore on their phones, discovering new parts of the story as they go along. 


Joanna Walsh is the author of seven books, the founder of the Twitter campaign @read_women,  and a writer whose prose has been called “most captivating in its ability to unnerve.” 


London-based Visual Editions directors Britt Iverson and Anna Gerber talk about publishing work at the cross-section of design and tech through Editions at Play, their collaboration with Sydney-based Google Creative Labs. 


The reader in this episode is actress Emma Miles, who accessed a copy of Seed on her phone because a friend of recommended it.

Our music is by Cathode Ray Tube

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